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Understanding Data Privacy and Data Protection in the ‘4.0’ World

On Thursday 15th November, a morning seminar, opened by Mr Philipp Dupuis (Head of Economic & Trade Section, EUD) where Professor Dan Svantesson (Editor, Oxford Journal of International Data Privacy Law and expert, Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network with Paris HQ, Professor of Law, Bond University, Australia), Ms Surinya Rhuvattana of Baker McKenzie and Kari Laumann of Telenor, moderated by Mr Bob Fox (Chair Digital Economy/ICT Working Group) provided an excellent overview and analysis of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which applies in Thailand, the final draft of the Thailand Personal Data Protection law and how these work and can be used for strategic advantage. The moderated session also included a role play and ‘Pigeonhole’ questions from the floor. A printed BOOKLET (available here soon in PDF) was provided to attendees. The event was hosted by the Nordic Chambers and produced by Mr Bob Fox working with chamber staff.  
As the Thai law develops and enters into force, EABC will keep abreast of developments.

The BOOKLET (pages 7 – 26) includes a useful Primer and Backgrounder about the GDPR and draft Thai law. Download your copy here