European Association for Business and Commerce

2nd October 2018

Dear Esteemed Members,
Established in 2011 the European Association for Business and Commerce in Thailand, better known as EABC, is the unified voice of the European business community in Thailand. Our main mission is to advocate member interests, to support the European business in Thailand and to promote Thailand as an attractive partner for trade and investment.
Representing a plethora of sectors and sizes, ranging from SMEs to MNCs and greatly supported by the European Delegation, the EABC has become an influential business community with a long-standing and strong relationship with the Royal Thai government. Both, local and foreign authorities have recognized the EABC as a powerful and effective advocate for European business in Thailand.
This initiative was initially supported by the European Commission but today the EABC is primarily financed through membership fees, partner and sponsorships.
The year 2018 was a successful year for the EABC, filled with advocacy activities and a steadily growing number of members which further strengthens our position. Our positive achievements do not only benefit MNCs but also SMEs and that`s why it was decided to revise the actual membership and partnership schemes for 2019.
The new membership and partnership schemes should ensure SMEs an easy access to the EABC and should reflect the further strengthening of the close collaboration with the European Chambers.
From 2019 SMEs will benefit from attractive membership and companies who are member of one of the European Chambers will benefit from reduced membership fees.
With the new partnership packages (Annual and Premium Partnership) we can now offer an extensive range of advertising and sponsorship opportunities for our members to promote their brands and increase recognition of their products and services.
For more information about the new membership fees, benefits and partnership packages, please contact our Membership Manager, Ms. Charanya Nopnukulvised ( or visit us on

Yours sincerely,

Stefan Molnar
President, EABC